Kevin Anderson

KAPUSKASING – As work continues to progress by leaps and bounds on the structure being built across from Sensenbrenner Hospital, rumours of what exactly will occupy the new building have run rampant in the Model Town.

Well, all of the rumours can now be put to rest.

“It’s going to be a multi-use facility,” said project investor and lead for Kap Healthy Living and Housing, Gilbert Mondoux. “It’s a project we’re all very excited about and we can’t wait for it to be completed.”

Asked for specifics about what “multi-use” means in this case, Mondoux explained what the completed project will look like.

“The building is going to have a big, beautiful lobby when people walk in. To the left, there will be a restaurant with approximately 65 seats. There will be a daily buffet and an “à la carte” menu.

“To the right of the lobby will be the new home of Rexall Pharmacy. It’s actually a bigger space than they have now. It will be the new Rexall design, with the addition of freezers and a food section.

“As we continue on the ground floor, there is an entrance to what will be the new home for the doctors’ offices, where there will be 22-23 examination rooms.

“On the second and third floors, there will be 38 residences of varying sizes (1-2 bedrooms). Per an agreement with the hospital, preference will be given to those, who require some kind of care, for example a Personal Support Worker (PSW) and things of that nature. To protect the residents, there will be an electronically secured door on the main floor to access the second and third floors as well as an elevator for their convenience.

“Residents will also have the option of purchasing a meal plan for the restaurant, where they will be able to go for breakfast, lunch and supper if they choose.”

Parking for the facility will be on the opposite side from the hospital’s in order to ensure residents and visitors are not creating congestion in Sensenbrenner’s lot.

Asked why he and his fellow investors decided to embark on a project of this magnitude, Mondoux pointed to several factors.

“The hospital knew that I had already built several hotels and approached me to ask if there would be any interest in a project like this,” he explained. “After considering it for a while, I came to the conclusion that it was absolutely a worthwhile venture and partnered with Jody Blais to get it underway. Since his passing, his sons have agreed to join the project in his place.

“I’ve had a lot of people that are living elsewhere now, tell me they would have liked to stay in Kapuskasing, but that they were no longer capable of upkeeping their houses and there were no residences in town, where they could move and get the care they needed. Soon, anyone who wants to stay in Kapuskasing will be able to stay in Kapuskasing and that was the biggest driving force behind this project.”

Mondoux disclosed the current construction is one of what he says will be a three-phase project.

“The next step involves putting up a building with condominiums up next to the one we’re building now,” he commented. “There are also plans for a third complex.”