Kyle Lincez

For The Community Press


Pet owners recently had the opportunity to create new holiday memories with their animals as the Circle Veterinary Hospital hosted a fundraiser in conjunction with Picture Pawfect that allowed pet owners to bring in their animals to pose for a Christmas photo.

The all-afternoon fundraiser was organized and hosted by photographer and Picture Pawfect owner Melanie Albert, and clinic volunteer Donna Johnson.

“We’re doing a fundraiser for Animal Rescue Kapuskasing (ARK),” Johnson said. “Basically, it is a holiday photo shoot for pets. Most people do one for their children, but we decided to do something different for this fundraiser.”
The cost per photo was $10, with all proceeds going towards ARK.

Albert said that interest for the fundraiser was high, with bookings being made nearly instantly upon the announcement.

“Within one day of putting the event up on their website, it was fully booked, and we were doing walk-ins on top of that.”

When asked where the idea to host a photo shoot for pets came from, Albert said it was the result of her love of animals, and her desire to try something different.

“I’m a big animal lover and not many photographers do pets; it’s mostly humans. So I figured I’d give it a try and I love it.”

She said that though there have been no talks as of yet, she hopes to do an event like this in the future.