HEARST/MOONBEAM – The Ontario government says it is putting people first by investing $1.3 billion to rebuild and restore highways across the province.

Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation announced funding for projects that will help create jobs for Ontario’s construction industry and keep our highways safe and reliable so that Ontario has a transportation network that encourages job creation, investment and trade in every region across the province.

“Our government is delivering on our commitment to be open for business and open for jobs. We are determined to improve our transportation infrastructure and create good jobs for our construction industry,” said Yurek.

Today’s announcement confirms that the government is planning to proceed with 123 rehabilitation projects across the province.

“As our government manages Ontario’s finances in a responsible manner, we are protecting services that matter most, including road maintenance,” Yurek said. “No matter what the service, policy, program or investment, our government puts people at the heart of our decision making. This funding is a clear example of that commitment. We are working to improve road safety for all Ontarians.”

Two projects are slated for this area, including a rehab of the East Lilly Creek Bridge and culvert west and north of Moonbeam and a rehab of several culverts north and west of Hearst.