Kevin Anderson

Managing Editor

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Kevin Anderson, the Managing Editor – Digital and Print and I am extraordinarily proud to officially welcome you to your new, locally owned and operated, non-profit newspaper, La Presse communautaire/The Community Press.

This news publication is being brought to you by the board of directors of Radio Communautaire Kap Nord inc., which is also the parent company of CKGN 89.7 FM 94.7 FM – La voix d’chez nous.

Thanks to the board’s undertaking of this project, we will be able to offer the community a product the likes of which has never been offered here before.

More specifically, we will be publishing an equal split of news content in both official languages.

Much of that content will be mirrored in both languages, however there will be some exclusives in each language.

We, here at La Presse communautaire/The Community Press, recognize the importance of giving our readers the ability to consume their local news in the language of their choosing, which is why we have put a strong emphasis on this aspect of the project.

Our social media platforms and website will also feature both French and English content.

Speaking of our website, you will also be able to find some “web-exclusive” material, which will only appear on This feature will be phased in gradually over time so you, as readers, can get accustomed to visiting us online as well as reading the print edition.

What can you expect from La Presse communautaire/The Community Press?

Well, to start with, you’re going to get the best local, news, sports, business and community event coverage we are able to provide you.

We will also be adding a number of features to the paper that you, as readers, have told us you would like to see in your community paper. Have no doubt, this is your community newspaper.

The ultimate level of success of La Presse communautaire/The Community Press will depend greatly on the community’s participation, engagement, cooperation and collaboration with the paper and its staff.

What does that all mean?

That means if you own a business with a big anniversary coming up (i.e. first, fifth, tenth etc.), give us a call. Starting a new business? We want to hear all about it.

Are you a merchant that needs advertising? We’ve got something to suit every budget.

If your organization has an upcoming event, let us know. Are you, your child, your friend, your neighbour involved in some sort activity that others may find interesting? By all means, tell us about it.

Won an award? Call us. Something fun or interesting going on at your school? We’d love to hear about it.

Bottom line? We care and we’re here for you.

We have a lot of exciting features to unveil for you in the near future in our print and in our digital platforms, but for now, we hope you will enjoy our premiere issue – a kind of a “get to know us” edition in addition to your news of the week.