Chris St-Pierre

For The Community Press

The Kapuskasing Eastview Chev Flyers had to protect the palace with everything they had last weekend, hosting the only two teams in the GNML to beat them in 21 games this season. A ready Nickel Capital Wolves team headlined Saturday’s contest whilst the North Bay Major Midget Trappers looked to gain the upper hand at the top of the standings on Sunday during the traditional TD Teddy Bear Toss game.

In the opening minutes of Saturday’s game, Sudbury immediately got the lead with back to back goals from returning 17-year-old OHL Draft pick AJ Favot, Jean Giguere and Nicholas Faught. The Wolves’ quick start forced starting goalie Josh Dubeault out of the game, who was replaced by Carson Boutin.

Patrick Gagnon was also ejected in the first thirty seconds of the bout for a check from behind, which led into a one game suspension. The first period ended up being an awkward one for the Flyers, who showed some positive things despite trailing by three.

The second chapter was a lot better for the Flyers, who kept their heads high and pushed on. Brendan Aubertin scored with help from Alex Blais and Blane Boissonneault. He was quickly followed by Samuel Vachon, who scored on a breakaway shorthanded thanks to a lucky pass by the white hot Boissonneault. The Flyers’ only hiccup came halfway through the second, when Samuel Lambert got caught checking a turning Ethan Bronicheski from behind, earning a major penalty and an ejection. His unfortunate hit will cost him a two-game suspension.

The Wolves tried their best to hold off Kapuskasing in the third without much success. The Flyers retaliated first with a great setup from Dawson Linklater and Ryan Maynard to feed Alex Lapointe to tie it up 3-3. Despite AJ Favot earning Sudbury some much needed assurance with his second of the night a few minutes later, Ryan Maynard once again authored a good play leading to his fifth of the season, forcing the game into overtime.

Once again, Blane Boissonneault would shine, getting his second overtime goal of the year off an interception, allowing the Flyers to get their first win of the weekend. Head coach Glen Denney often says to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations and Kap’s number 17 was very much that when he hopped on the ice.

“I was in the right position and I made the right play. […] Having extra space is always fun. I love skating and it’s my strength. Being in overtime with that much freedom is great for me,” he explained.

Alex Lapointe believed Saturday night that the Flyers were much more prepared for their second game of the season against the Trappers the following afternoon – and boy was he right despite the final results.

Early on in the first period, the Flyers opened it up with a rebound goal from Kobe Barrette, assisted by Sam Vachon. Kyle Trottier then added his second of the year coming off a powerplay to push Kap to a 2-0 lead. However, late in the first everyone held their breath as Flyers goalie Carson Boutin got accidentally kneed in the head by a rushing Jesse Kirkby. A sigh of relief came when he got up of his own accord and was given the green light by his trainer to keep playing.

That moment changed the rest of the game. In the second period, North Bay showed their usual colors, scoring twice in a row to tie it up.

Justin Dauphinais struck the final blow in the third, giving the Trappers the win. Despite Kapuskasing calling back Boutin to the bench for a sixth attacker in the last minute of the game, it wasn’t enough.

According to head coach Glen Denney, the Flyers’ hot start got ruined later on by some bad penalties.

“We took five penalties. Five penalties I think we honestly didn’t deserve. People can say what they want, but it was a physical game. I saw nothing different in how they played and how we played,” he explains.

In net, Carson Boutin closed out the weekend with one win and one loss.