Kevin Anderson

Depending how you look at things, Christmas either came a little late, or really early for Manon Collin and her family, as she managed to “Catch The Ace” on Wednesday night, during the finale of the second annual campaign.

“I wasn’t watching the stream online when the draw was taking place. To tell the truth, I completely forgot it was happening that night,” she said. “I had thought of it earlier in the day, but it slipped my mind.”

Collin had chosen number four on her ticket. With that number already have been drawn, organizers called Collin for her to choose a new envelope number from those remaining.

“I chose number 46,” she continued. “My husband is 47, so I figured that was the next best thing since 47 was already gone.”

The “next best thing” turned out to be the best thing, as balloons and confetti rained down as Rotary representative Jim Croteau revealed that unlike 11 contestants before her, Collin had indeed found the ace of spades.

“I couldn’t believe it… me and my husband both started crying,” she recalled. “It was like a dream come true.”

Asked if she had any plans for the winnings, Collin said her and her husband would use part of their new nest egg to change the roofs on the house and garage they purchased a year ago, with the rest going toward their retirement.

In addition to Collin’s jackpot win, it was also a happy day for Martin Tremblay, who took home the weekly prize $3,942.