Kevin Anderson

KAPUSKASING – Kapuskasing is slated to vote in favour of hiring Expertise for Municipalities (E4M) for Closed Meeting Investigator Services and Integrity Commissioner Services.

This as a result of a provincial mandate that all municipalities acquire these services.

“Both jobs are pretty much exactly as their title would suggest,” said Town of Kapuskasing CAO Guylain Baril. “If there is some sort of dispute with regards to a closed session of council, a complaint can be brought to E4M for investigation. There are about seven criteria under which a matter can be brought to closed session. So for example, if we brought something to closed session that the public or the media should be discussed in open, they could bring that complaint.

As for the Integrity Commissioner Services, Baril said those would more than likely apply to open session items and conduct issues.

“It could be a failure on the part of a councillor to declare a conflict in a case where they should have, or if they are acting in a manner that is unbecoming of an elected official or detrimental to the municipality,” said Baril. “These aren’t services we expect to use often, but by law we are required to have someone appointed to the position.”