Chris St-Pierre

For The Community Press

After 20 years as the manager of the Kapuskasing Golf Club, David Guay will be leaving his position in June of 2019. A new manager will take his place.

Guay joined the club as its CPGA professional in 1999 and has also been a driving force for the Kapuskasing Curling club since 2004.

Taking over as the club’s pro from Bob Young, Guay knew he had some big shoes to fill. After 20 years on the job, he said he feels happy about the work he has done under the guidance of the Board of Directors.

“I think I’ve managed to do some good things in my time here. When I got here, I was 33 years old  and I had a lot of fire. I wanted to continue the work Bob Young had started and to help to modernize the club’s technological capabilities,” he said.

Kapuskasing Golf Club President, André Robichaud, said while he was around when Guay started, it wasn’t until recent years that the two began to collaborate. He said Guay’s presence will be missed.

“I do think we have a good base to work with, but there’s no doubt it’s going to be a transition year. Twenty years of experience is hard to replace. You don’t replace someone like Dave overnight. We’ve got a good team though. There’s a good combination of experience and youth on the Board of Directors. We’ve got our hands full but I’m sure we’ll be able to do what needs to be done,” said Robichaud.

When asked about the reason for the success of the club, Robichaud said he has always pointed to the chemistry between himself and Guay.

“I think we built a great personal and professional relationship and it’s something I’m happy to talk about whenever I get the chance. I often get asked by other clubs what we’re doing differently than them or why our numbers for both ladies and men are so good and I always tell them that the one common piece over the last 20 years has been Dave,” he commented.

The club is now left to try and find an ideal candidate to take over the managerial helm.

In the meantime, Guay will focus on his final season of preparation to open the course for a new season.

“My wife had to move for work, which is why we’re leaving. When we found out in August, I started feeling nostalgic every time I’d do something at the club,” said Guay. “Once the season is underway I’m sure I’ll have more of those moments. That being said, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the changes that come in the club’s future.”

The club is currently accepting candidates for the soon to be vacant position and there is said to be a lot of interest.

CVs have been received by interested parties from Ontario and Quebec.

Guay said he is confident the Board of Directors will find someone passionate about the game, who will bring their own managerial style to the club.