KAPUSKASING – The Kapuskasing Mustangs Basketball Club  will get  underway this coming Sunday, and basetball players from Gr. 3 – Gr. 8 are being encouraged to register.

“This is our second year of operation,” said Jim Johnson, one of several coaches at the club. “This year, we’ve decided to expand operations. In addition to having a Girls Gr. 6-8 section, we’re adding a Boys Gr. 6-8 section and a Girls Gr. 3-5 and Boys Gr. 3-5 sections.

“The aim is to improve the skills of our young basketball players. The eventual hope is to play other club teams from across the district, which we did a bit of last year.”

The price to join the club is $80 for the season, however players who simply want to try it out to see if  it is a good fit for them, will receive a one-month free trial.

Players who are interested in  joining are encouraged to contact Justin Renaud (Gr. 3-5 Boys and Girls) at: 705-335-3030 or justinrenaud@hotmail.com, Jim Johnson (Gr. Gr. 6-8 Girls: 705-367-0938 or james.johnson@dsb1.ca,  or Norm Belanger (Gr. 6-8 Boys): 705-367-6358 or norm.belanger@dsb1.ca.