Kevin Anderson

KAPUSKASING – The Model Town has a new business to boast. Sullivan’s Apothecary is open for business at its Byng Ave. location and owner/operator Karen Sullivan explained what exactly it is she is offering.

“We do aromatherapy, reflexology, mindfulness therapy and mental health therapy,” she said. “We tailor every therapy to each specific client.”

In addition to therapy, Sullivan’s Apothecary also offers a number of products for sale, all geared toward aromatherapy.

“We have teas, essential oils, soaps made with essential oils and diffusers including diffusing jewellery,” she explained. “We also have hydrosols, which are a by-product of essential oil. It is the water left behind when distilling the essential oils. It has a lighter aroma, which is safer for children and pets.”

The Apothecary also offers a number of traditional First Nations spiritual healing materials, such as sage, cedar and sweetgrass.

“I am a member of the Temiskaming First Nations Band, she explained. “While I was at Canestoga College, I worked with the Band. I became more aware of the spiritual side of things and decided it was something I wanted to offer.”

Once clients have been treated, there is a room with both natural and artificial sunlight (to help clients get their dose of Vitamin D) with seating to either have a cup of custom-tailored tea or just relax.

Asked why she decided to open the shop, Sullivan said her desire to help others was born of her own pain.

“For 11 years, I was getting weekly injections for chronic pain, then someone introduced me to essential oils two-and-a-half years ago,” she recounted. “I went in with mindset that they weren’t real… they were ‘witch potions’ as my husband called them.

“I decided to try them anyway and I couldn’t believe the positive results. It was around that same time that I started mindfulness meditation for pain. Then I started emotional regulation and so on. That’s when I decided that I needed more information so I could help other people.

“I just wanted to share how I got better, how I was able to overcome chronic pain and restore my own mental health. The Apothecary just came about organically from that idea.”

Those who would like more information or to book an appointment can reach Sullivan’s Apothecary.