Kevin Anderson

KAPUSAKSING – A number of Green TK beautification projects around the Model Town have been vandalized and group founder Carmen Urbas said she is devastated by the damage.

“Recently, all six of the Linden trees on our Kolb Ave. project were destroyed. The Town informed us of what had happened and went to pick them up,” said Urbas. “A number of the 15 trees on our Birch St. – Oak St. project have also been vandalized. I’m so discouraged… I’m not sure what else to say.”

Green TK is a volunteer organization Urbas started a number of years ago, in an effort to take vacant areas around Kapusaksing and turn them into green spaces for people to enjoy.

Since then, a number of volunteers have joined the cause, putting in numerous hours to help make Kapuskasing a more beautiful place to live.

“We’ve worked hard to try to make the town more beautiful and we with this latest damage, we feel like we just can’t get ahead,” said Urbas. “Our goal was that in 20-30 years when all of the trees had matured that we would be leaving behind something really nice for our municipality. It just doesn’t make sense that people would do something like this.”

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism of the projects is encouraged to contact Carmen Urbas at: 705-335-6524.